Monday, 24 March 2014

Aquascaping Getting Popular in Singapore! Fishy Business is on the news!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Messy lot of them waiting to be displayed on our shelves.
INTENSE Bubble Counter バブルカウンター
INTENSE Liquid for ceramic cleaning 洗浄液

Monday, 10 March 2014

Crystal-Red Shrimp Tank
Here is one of our tank requested by customers of FB[FishyBusiness]
A SHRIMP TANK! Tank Detail can be found below!

Tank Size: 60x30x36 [2ft] Low-Iron Glass Tank [6mm Thickness]
Lighting Fixture: ADA Aquasky 601
Cabinet: Tempered Glass Treated Stand
Substrate: Borneo Wild Shrimp Soil
Additives: Borneowild Minerax / Humic / BeeBall
Layout Material: ADA Koke Stones
Filtration: Hydor Prime 30 / ADA Clear Hoses / ANS 17mm Lily Pipes
Plants: Staurogyne Repens / Christmas moss / Java Moss
Others: TwinStar Shrimp / Dymax Cooling Fan
Livestock: Crystal-Red Shrimps

Forest Scape/DSM [Dry-Start-Method]
60x30x36 [2ft] Low-Iron Glass Tank

Not planning to adding water, Using mainly moss on wood, carpeting HC
Old black drift wood & Brown lava rocks as layout. On display @ FishyBusiness Retail/Gallery store. Daily Hand-held spray to moist tank, with glass cover to trap moist.
Powering tank with NANA Uno Led 30w Single. 8 hours daily.
ADA Amazonia soil, Tropica base substrate fertilizer.

Welcome to Fishy Business's first ever blog for AQUASCAPING!