Monday, 10 March 2014

Crystal-Red Shrimp Tank
Here is one of our tank requested by customers of FB[FishyBusiness]
A SHRIMP TANK! Tank Detail can be found below!

Tank Size: 60x30x36 [2ft] Low-Iron Glass Tank [6mm Thickness]
Lighting Fixture: ADA Aquasky 601
Cabinet: Tempered Glass Treated Stand
Substrate: Borneo Wild Shrimp Soil
Additives: Borneowild Minerax / Humic / BeeBall
Layout Material: ADA Koke Stones
Filtration: Hydor Prime 30 / ADA Clear Hoses / ANS 17mm Lily Pipes
Plants: Staurogyne Repens / Christmas moss / Java Moss
Others: TwinStar Shrimp / Dymax Cooling Fan
Livestock: Crystal-Red Shrimps

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